The Story Exchange

The Story Exchange is a global video project empowering women to achieve economic independence through entrepreneurship. We know the importance of role models and that’s what The Story Exchange is all about: it’s women inspiring women. By producing and promoting video profiles of successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and sectors we encourage others to gain economic freedom, create the lifestyle of their choosing, and uncover their full potential.

The women we profile here agreed to share their stories about why they began their companies – and what they’ve learned along the way – to encourage others to do the same.

We’ve started with women in the U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore, places known for their business-friendly environments and we continue to add more stories. We’re also going to keep filming new stories from new countries, including many where women face much more challenging conditions.

The Story Exchange is a media partner of the Independent Television Service initiative Women and Girls Lead, a public media campaign designed to “celebrate, educate, and activate women, girls, and their allies across the globe to address the challenges of the 21st century.”